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Pulte Settlement Website
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
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File a Claim
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Repairs for Consumers:

Pulte will make repairs to your home if you currently own a home built by Pulte in Florida and the original buyer of the home purchased the home from Pulte after July 1, 2008.

  • In addition, there are other criteria to qualify for repairs depending upon the age and condition of your home.  Factors considered include the size of a stucco crack; whether the home has delaminated stucco;1 whether the home has been repainted; whether cracking is occurring over wood-frame construction; whether weep screed issues resulted in delamination or water intrusion; whether homeowners previously executed a valid release of stucco claims; and whether the home has been vacant at any time for more than 270 days.  See page 1 of the Frequently Asked Questions for more details on the criteria for obtaining repairs from Pulte.
  • To make a repair claim under this settlement, please make a request to Pulte, in writing, by 1) e-mail or 2) submission of a written claim form to Pulte for evaluation or repair of the home.

○ Homeowners may email Pulte at FLStuccoSettlement@Pulte.com. Homeowners may also call Pulte at 844-947-4234 to receive a written claim form. 

○ If you are unable to submit a written claim, you may make your claim to Pulte by phone at the telephone number identified above. 

Restitution for Consumers:

Pulte is paying $4.7 million to the Office of the Attorney General for, among other things, restitution of consumers affected by Pulte’s conduct. 

To qualify to receive a restitution payment, you must be a current or former owner of a home built by Pulte in Florida since April 17, 2005 and have incurred out-of-pocket expenses as a direct result of a construction defect in your home or the repairs conducted by Pulte or one of its contractors.  The loss and expense must have occurred before the date of the entry of the Final Judgment.  Claims are limited to property loss claims only. Property loss claims include, for example, expenses paid to inspect or address: stucco cracking and related painting costs; water intrusion and property damaged by water intrusion; mold remediation; and other associated costs.

To obtain a restitution payment:

  • You may contact the claims administrator, A.B. Data, Ltd., at 1-800-232-3154 to obtain a claim form.
  • You may submit a claim online, with the required documentation, at the File a Claim page of this website.
  • You may also download a copy of the claim form from the File a Claim page of this website and mail with the required documentation to:

Pulte Settlement
A.B. Data, Ltd.
P.O. Box 170500
Milwaukee, WI  53217

  • To make a claim for restitution, you will need to provide the following information:

○ The date of loss;

○ A statement describing how the loss was caused by Pulte or by one of Pulte’s contractors; and

○ Documentation of the loss, including repair records, receipts, and photographs.

  • Homeowners will have until 2/15/2020 to submit an online claim or mail their claim for restitution. Claims that qualify for payment will be paid at the end of the 1-year claim period.

Reform of Business Practices:

Under the Settlement, Pulte has made improvements in its construction practices, including upgraded building materials and improved construction techniques. Pulte will also provide employees with additional training from stucco industry experts; conduct third-party inspections of its construction; use properly licensed contractors; and comply with the Florida building codes. Additionally, Pulte will provide employees with additional training on applying the terms of its warranty to consumer claims and will exercise good faith in responding to warranty claims.




1 “Stucco Delamination” means an apparent visual separation of any layer of the stucco surface of the exterior of a home including without limitation buckling, bubbling, peeling, blistering, or collapse of the stucco. Excluded from this definition is any stucco delamination caused by an external force applied by any person, equipment, or object subsequent to issuance of the certificate of occupancy for the home, with the exception of any delamination caused by Pulte or those contracted to perform work at the home by Pulte.

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